Setting a default lot size

Created at 11 Dec 2018, 16:24


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Setting a default lot size
11 Dec 2018, 16:24

May you add a setting to create a default lot size, so no matter the type of order (Pending/Market order) it automatically is set to the user entered value. And you may have different default lot sizes for different work spaces.

My Way:
Pending Order
To set default value for pending orders, you need to open a chart and hover over the Buy/Sell and a box should drop down. change the lot size their and will make it the default value ONLY for that chart & work space.

Market Order
You create a new order on the chart, change the lot size and will remain the entered lot size ONLY for that chart & work space.


07 Jun 2023, 13:44

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Please cTrader community. Upvote this request.


We need to be able to set a default lot size, or at least, it should default to the minimum lot size.


When we open a new chart for a forex pair, the minimum lot size is 0.01, but the chart defaults to 1.00 full lot, and this will cause accidental overleveraged trades.