Dark theme for the new mobile app

Created at 17 Jul 2018, 22:19


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Dark theme for the new mobile app
17 Jul 2018, 22:19

There is only one (white) theme in the new mobile app version (2.7+) which is not good for amoled displays as well as for those who need to watch the chart for a longer time.
Dark theme would be very helpful; ideally customizable.

planned cTrader Mobile

09 Oct 2019, 09:26

While you're at it, add the ability to customise the candle colours..


24 Jun 2023, 17:33

And a dark theme that's customizable and NOT based on whether the phone is set to a dark theme. Other apps like Google Maps, web browser, and such allow users to switch between dark/light theme manually independent of how the phone is set.