filtering function of cmirror

Created at 20 Jun 2018, 18:45


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filtering function of cmirror
20 Jun 2018, 18:45

what need to improve is the cmirror function, the idea of listing by roi is retarded since it misspresent the chart, more interesting would be the daily growth on equdity. then, why not implement a more social function (pm system?) and what have to be done is a sytem ensure that people does not follow with a too small ammount (forced) because if i trade dax and someone follow me with a 100 usd balance he will get a margin call in seconds. there is nothing out there is easy to use also for people not willed to trade propperly but such want to follow signals - i belive that cmirror could be a big fat marketing factor for ctrader in general.

i like the previous posters idea of a comment system, since this also makes things more social, critics and compliments are something so important in this business since we all lack social contact as traders !

and yes, it would be great if the one like to mirror can choose times he like to mirror, define what instruments he like to coppy, and maybe even define a specific stop loss if he or she dont like how the signal provider runs trades too muchc into the red zone.

cmirror get hardly used, i belive that is such because of it appears to be half ready, created without the intend of be the best mirroring platform out there, if you guys but that standard into a redo of cmirror im sure this will be welcomed by many of us.

im a good trader, i would love to see a few 100k in funds follow me in my dax/dow trades but that means i have to be able to ensure only the right ammount of funds can follow me, so i dont have masses of users who will start to blame the FX world for be a scam such because they lack in adjusting the account sice to the trading style of the trader and potential drawdown etc.