Advanced protection for pending order

Anonymous  since: 20 Nov 2017; 
 20 Nov 2017, 16:05
Advanced protection for pending order

Im enjoying the advanced protection where my trades are move to breakeven after gaining some pips but it will be better if this can be activated for pending orders because most of the time i might be there when my pending order will be triggered and before i come back to activate the advanced protection, it might already be too late......
Lets have the advanced protection for pending orders as well....

miles  since: 29 Dec 2017; 
 15 Jan 2018, 22:45

I Totally agree this would also be great for overnight trade setups particularly when trying to trade the US session here in Australia. Last night was a prime example set order, short fakeout but would have been large enough to trigger a 50% TP and move SL instead this morning I'm 50% in the negative. a 50% win is better than a loss anyday

piches488 since: 14 Feb 2020; 
 14 Feb 2020, 12:29

i need this function also, now i've used pepperstone can i get this function for my pending order pls.