New Desktop layout - Symbol Layout


frasz since: 17 Jun 2015;

  27 Apr 2019, 04:32
New Desktop layout - Symbol Layout

Get rid of the new Symbol panel in the new desktop layout mode. This is rather pointless as opposed to how it used to be. Its simply the info sheet added to the symbol clicked on. I dont need this. I preferred having quick access in my watchlist to many symbols open and the bid and offer quote panel. Now I have pointless information added to which I dont need. And if you disable it, it doesnt show ANYTHING.. At least allow traders to switch it back to how it was!!!!

aaloknigam since: 29 Jan 2017;

  21 Feb 2017, 11:14

Not very User Friendly and unnecessary addition in the left side menu which are not at helpful but rather 'irritating'. The previous version was much better and easier to use as well as appealing to eyes for monitoring.

aaloknigam since: 29 Jan 2017;

  12 Feb 2017, 23:55

Very sad a perfectly User Friendly version of cTrader has been replaced by 2.0 version which is absolutely 'useless'

anonymous_278178040 since: 07 Nov 2016;

  21 Feb 2017, 11:01

if i am trading 3 currencies and previously opened 3 panels, i was able to see all three in one row without the hassle of scrolling down and also additional 2 currency pairs. Now if i open one panel than there is no option of opening the second one.

ctdn_voter since: 14 Jun 2019;

  14 Feb 2017, 09:38

Agreed, too much cramed stuff in very small space, which makes = at least in my case = ctrader running even slower as it already was before. Others broker run as speeding bunny just as handling only forex.

yunusertas since: 14 Mar 2017;

  14 Mar 2017, 17:23

Sorry to say guys but i want to be informed before the updates and i really like to choose if i am going to update or not.. This is so forceful in my opinion..

aaloknigam since: 29 Jan 2017;

  24 Mar 2017, 23:56

In spite of ADMIN assurance on Feb 21, 2017 no change has been done and Users continue to suffer!!! What a pity

aaloknigam since: 29 Jan 2017;

  26 Apr 2017, 00:09

Everything falls on 'Deaf Ears' here