Push Notifications

Created at 25 Aug 2016, 06:14


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Push Notifications
25 Aug 2016, 06:14

Until you have push notifications, for me, cTrader is only good to plot your trading plan on, then I switch to Metatrader4 and place my trades.
Otherwise I would be using cTrader as it is in my opinion a better product. BUT. No push notifications makes it inferior
If programmers can supply push notifications with a shitty $20 product, surely it cant be that hard.
No push notifications makes it a charting software, a good one for that.

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08 Dec 2016, 09:52

I'd drop cTrader as a charting software. Have you taken a look at tradingview? Now that's fluid


27 Dec 2016, 12:31

What do you mean by it not having push notifications? the ticks are live what else do you need?


Brian Taylor
24 Mar 2017, 21:08

Push notifications would make CTrader the TOP platform handsdown.
An email to my inbox is easily ignored.

However, a notification that causes my mobile to play a ringtone similar to how Metatrader 4 & 5 can do would be off the hook. Please add it ASAP.


Valentine Ghanem
27 Feb 2018, 08:54

We Desperately Need push notification spotware admin!. Help your traders!