Cbot work offline too

Created at 13 Aug 2016, 13:45


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Cbot work offline too
13 Aug 2016, 13:45

it would be much better if the bots could work offline too. e.g, I start the bot and the platform save the parameters. so that if i shutdown my computer or lose internet connection the bot keeps on working.

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Yurii Zelinskyi
17 Aug 2016, 16:05

It's imposible to achive by asking Spotware to do it. It will never happen.

You need to have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to make your wish come true.
cBot can't run ofline, its phisicaly impossible.
There got to be some machine and network connection to keep cBot running, there are no exceptions.
Obtaining a VPS is not free but relatively cheap.
If You new to this idea, there's a lot of information on the internet about setting up a VPS.


01 Sep 2016, 19:28

@Yurii, actually it's possible, but they would pay for the cloud server to keep clients bots on. That would probably make their service more expensive and they would pass it on to brokers, which would pass on to customers.


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