Support for user-defined Bars in cAlgo/cTrader

Created at 09 Feb 2016, 11:55

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Support for user-defined Bars in cAlgo/cTrader
09 Feb 2016, 11:55


Please support user-defined bars for cAlgo/cTrader by deriving from the base class (in this case Bars) like you are doing with Indicators and Bots.

This opens the possibility to implement various types of bars like Renko, median Renko, smart Renko and so on. As they would also be implemented in the OnTick callback, let the user decide when and what to draw on the chart by providing functions to draw/move the chart. It would behave like candle charts and a given chart timeframe. The timeframe would just be user-defined, as the next frame would be fired by the user code itself.

With this functionality, every chart and time frame would be possible. From timeframes to ticks, to bars, to ranges. The community is eager to provide these bar/chart types. It's this functionality (mostly range/renko bars), which holds users back to switch from other trading platforms (including me) to cTrader. Apart from this, competitor platforms are supporting user-defined bars/charts by deriving from the base class of bars/charts.

Looking forward to see this possibility.

Thank you!

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