Let us move charts to the left side FURTHER, and magnify a vertical scale solely

Created at 31 Jan 2016, 08:55


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Let us move charts to the left side FURTHER, and magnify a vertical scale solely
31 Jan 2016, 08:55

Please let us move charts to the left side at our disposal. It is ideal and, to some extent crucial that charts can be navigated to the left side, to the extent where only a single bar is left displayed on a screen.

It is so much of a shame that we are only allowed to move charts freely upside down, in appreciation of my suggestion :


Also please allow enlarging charts vertically. Zoom in function forcibly works both to vertical and horizontal scales. We sometimes need to magnify a vertical scale of charts purely.

Good chart trading function is to little avail if a chart navigation is not good as much!
Just let us shift charts and alter scales at liberty (cTrader is free with the unprecedentedly good chart trading. )

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03 Feb 2016, 19:13

What's new : "You can now click and drag the chart up, down, 'left' or right to move it freely. The chart will not auto-re-scale. The chart can still be scrolled by using the mouse scrolling or scrollbar."

We. sadly, are still not allowed to move a chart to the left side


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Борис Воротников
29 May 2016, 07:00

The vertical scale limit is terrible, especially if just few time ago was a large price change and you want to see current price changing on m1.


13 Jul 2016, 13:35

i don't understand why we still can't scale the charts vertically freely


John Carter
14 Aug 2016, 11:53

Agree 101% This is necessary for any serious trader. We have such a great product in cTrader but I still keep going back to tradingview for scaling and news alerts...
If cTrader could nail these 2 things... WOW! It would really help us :)


26 Aug 2016, 13:54

agree 100% scale verticaly and further to the left


15 Jan 2017, 07:35

Sometimes prices get squeezed and you cannot read them anymore due to some weired scaling logic inside ctrader. Especially if you use multi time frame moving averages from higher time frames and you are in a small timeframe. As the bars are squeezed, I cannot read price properly and therefore use this strategy with frequent transaction on your biggest competitor. They at least let the user decide on how a price should be scaled properly under any condition.
I would not even say it is feature, it is more like bug fixing if you correct your scaling. Squeezing prices, to make them unreadable isn't anything, anybody can seem to argue as reasonable. The only reason I see, this still persists is that you are not trading on your own platform on small timeframes, like you advertise, what it is meant for. Hope you clear out your software strategy and get on a track that is reflected in your application fully and completely. If you have any further questions or do not understand what I mean, please feel free to contact me.


24 May 2017, 16:08

Una escala vertical libre seria fantastico y agregando una funcion de "escala automatica" para restaurar la visualización del grafico seria un software completo!!!


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25 Oct 2017, 21:37

Please add this feature. I have to resort to using TradingView to view charts that have scaled badly. I'm tending now to only us cTrader for entries and not chart analysis and this is not what I would call ideal.


11 Dec 2017, 19:56

With the latest update, free chart moving without auto re-scaling is a great step forward but it's still so limited when we can't change the vertical zoom to our desired preferences.

If for some strange reason you can't do infinite vertical scrolling then please at least just add a few more levels to the current zoom options.

Another thing that would help is to overlay the tick volume area of the chart so that it does not take up chart real estate and it allows the chart to expand a little more vertically.


20 Apr 2018, 10:19

Please build free vertical zooming and free chart shifting , and a 'disable auto-scale' function.
It is best for my interpretation of charts to get them to feel comfortable like I need them, to get 'in my zone'. This auto zoom sucks, too bad because I love the partial profits features.