cTrader and cAlgo use an excesive amount of memory

Created at 22 Oct 2015, 08:42


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cTrader and cAlgo use an excesive amount of memory
22 Oct 2015, 08:42

Both applications seem to have problems freeing memory. When having several charts open it becomes a big problem since it uses all the RAM memory available in your computer (I have tried with up to 4GB).

The issue becomes more evident when you leave the application running for several hours. The problem does not seem to be having too many bars in the background of each chart but how the objects and structures handling this information are being treated in the code.

This is a main issue and a great disadvantage over other trading platforms.

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11 Nov 2015, 07:21

Поддерживаю данное предложение о разгрузке оперативной памяти.


12 Nov 2015, 20:14

Memory leakage is a bad problem, symptomatic of hasty programming.


24 Nov 2015, 05:51

I have same problem. I always leave 24h cTrader terminal Scalping trade on my PC. But it may be after about 2 hour passed, disp system error message 'not enough memory' and only cTrader was down. My setting is 4type currency pair chart (EURUSD/USDJPY/GBPUSD/EURGBP) and set cBot(Golden Dragon). My PC spec is over 2.0GB memory remained before run cTrader. Add information is no technical chart setting.Please give me some adovise how to continue running day scalping trade on cTrader terminal.


24 Nov 2015, 19:57

I am currently using a i7-4820K 3.7GHz processor with 32GB of RAM and SSD drive.
The issue persists. It is a great platform so hopefully this issue is taken care off soon.


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07 Dec 2015, 12:46

Since the last update, cTrader loads less bars in the background of the chart. This has decreased the use of memory and it has made the software a bit less "heavy". However, it has not solved the issue completely.
It seems like Spotware is aware of the situation and hopefully the software keeps been optimized on future updates.


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30 Dec 2015, 11:30

This is an answer to the previous comment:
I am currently using a i7-4820K 3.7GHz processor with 32GB of RAM and SSD drive. On powerful machines, the memory management issue is more evident on high volatility (news releases) when you are running more than one instance of cTrader or you are running one instance of cTrader with several charts for a long time (around 1 day or more).

In the last 2 updates sportware has reduced the impact of this issue by limiting the number of background bars. This solution is working good so far. I hope our comments help the developers make this excellent application even better. Regards.


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17 Jan 2016, 02:16

more indicator you use more memory used.all terminal does that


06 Feb 2016, 19:38

I cannot play a computer game with 4gb RAM. Just add to RAM


11 Feb 2016, 18:21

Same problem.
I need to let it running for MANY days, several charts, several robots.
To use VPSs and Clouds, it gets too much expensive.
What a pity if I have to move to other platform.


David Van De Walle
11 Feb 2016, 18:49

Same problems. I guess ctrader is not made for heavy duty..


11 Mar 2016, 23:14

perhaps it may be relevant: I recall steve gibson talking about a memory issue with gmail having to do with UNICODE translation. Generally, and probably applicable to consolidating many votable ideas here: I have repeatedly suggested in feedback the solution I prefer to handle both good intricacy and worthwhile complexity to be focused to desired levels, as well as sweet simplicity and minimalism: the solution is extensive switches and specifications FOR ALL FEATURES! (like the enormous list of configurations for firefox browser (was?)). This enables user to filter for optimal performance and minimal bloat, especially with a hierarchal structured configuration,with top level being strict order execution with visibility, and zero things to impede it! ( like idea to even have calgo) Then one can add complexities and feature to heart's content according to pragmatics. I can already do this via simple workspaces and complex workspaces, and via different instances or machines.

why high volitility impedes local software perfomance does not completely make sense to me: higher than normal frequency and volume of disseminated quotes and thus calculations? okay. busy serverside bottlenecking? okay. But dead halt on local operation, visibility, controls? as in, black screen, irresponsive, instead of maybe a server busy message or, something?


11 Mar 2016, 23:23

I must add, I have minimized to the extent of out of "box" defaults via different workspaces, But as far as other configurations, the vast majority ( BECAUSE IT's SOFT!!!! ware, as in, ALL configurations!) are not exposed to typical user control. It takes a lot of thoughtfulness and repetitive work to design and code a streamlined graphical interface for and put the right switches in the right places in the process flow of the code, sure, but seems to me that it is often already a part of the debugging in development ANYWAYS, no? I'd be excited about a huge complex list, if the crowd can help describe and clarify and gradually structure it into highly polished and tested control panel of switches and specifications!


09 May 2016, 18:35

This MEMORY LEAK problem is terrible.

I notice it more on cAlgo then on cTrader but both running at the same time it's a waist of resources.

Just cAlgo alone will eat most of the RAM on a powerful PC.

Please fix this issue fast!

Patch it.


25 May 2016, 07:41

Tip the first:

That said, I have noticed performance issues with larger programs during backtest / optimisation (UI slowdown, grey outs). However I haven't noticed slowdown during volatility, this might be due to new variables being assigned each tick and the garbage collector not cleaning up correctly? Network traffic issues?

I have noticed most auto converted MQL scripts will bring my computer to its knees. Considerably more when complex math is involved.

The only other slowness I've noticed is when calling multiple symbols in a chart. It takes a long time to grab all the data, and it doesn't seem to cache (re-downloads every time).