Export Genetic Optimization results to CSV

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WhiteSage since: 02 Feb 2014;

  05 Jun 2019, 18:49
Export Genetic Optimization results to CSV

It would be handy to be able to export Optimizations to CSV for charting and the like.

Something like:
Datetime, Symbol, Timeframe
Starttime, Endtime
Ranges Table ( paraname, min, max, step)
Possible Combinations, Tested Combinations
Iteration, ... result columns ..., ... Settings Columns ...

dadams since: 28 Mar 2014;

  23 Sep 2015, 00:05

I want to be able to export to excel both fixed and variable parameters (including profit results) from the Optimization output table.
Can this be done please?

robert_c_127764672 since: 04 Dec 2015;

  04 Dec 2015, 14:03

Please 1000 times this!

I'm literally spending 1-2 hours after each set of optimizations taking this data and manually putting it into excel.

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MrPro since: 15 Feb 2016;

  15 Mar 2016, 01:30

Just add it, Spotware-Team.
So easy coding and IT IS NECESSARY!
For a good Product, this must be added.
Thanks to the dev.

Arnostra since: 05 Jan 2017;

  09 Mar 2017, 12:22

It should be easy to implement this feature. Being able to export/import the data for further or future analysis would be a huge improvement.

ericjavier.santiago since: 13 Aug 2018;

  16 Apr 2018, 02:55

Have anyone figured a way to make this happen?

ctid537721 since: 22 Jul 2018;

  14 Jul 2018, 08:25

I run a mega server for optimisation, it cost $$ per hour. At the end of optimisation I need to analyse the results. At the moment I have to do it live while the server runs, this is costing me $$ while I should be able to export and analyse locally.

modry since: 13 Nov 2019;

  13 Nov 2019, 21:24

This feature missing is the main reason why I have to leave loved cBot and start to learn to programm and use the MetaTrader5. Not even talking about optimalizations results 3D maps and other features.

Bot trading without proper optimization features (like saving/exporting the results for deeper analysis etc.), is like horse with 3 broken legs...

gavranha since: 24 May 2020;

  24 May 2020, 21:52
Reporting tools

I'm evaluating cTrader/cAlgo for a long-term project and reporting tools is the main concern. It seems that the lack of exporting to csv for further analysis is what set apart cTrader from more matures platforms.

ergun+de since: 03 Jan 2021;

  13 Jan 2021, 10:01
We need save point

We also need a pause / save / continue from save point. Some optimisations take 30 hours. After 10 hours i may need to close the computer and use for something else. So that would be great if i can pause and save the current state and continue later.

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