Auto restart/play/run option after shutdown

Created at 08 Apr 2014, 10:43


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Auto restart/play/run option after shutdown
08 Apr 2014, 10:43

If the computer/vps/server crash, cAlgo in my case is launched automaticly. However cAlgo robots are put on STOP. They need to automaticly go back into ACTIVE/PLAY to handle orders ASAP.

Would like an option for this as I'm already trading cAlgo live.

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Stacey Pellegrino
04 Apr 2016, 15:34

Do auto cBot start on cTrader as well as cAlgo please.

It would be good to be able start multiple Workspace instances (each tied to different accounts with different cBots) from the command prompt with the associated cBot instances on each Workspace started automatically. That way it would be possible to write a batch script to go in the Startup folder to execute a multiple cTrader instances with a specific Workspace and associated cBot for many accounts, but put all the cTrader Workspace execution for auto starting related cBot references to Workspaces in a loop within the batch script so that it runs when process exits. This would handle an OS reboot and/or application crash.


11 May 2017, 19:27

I am a full supporter of this so important subject of being in control. A method or a function within cAlgo to handle the problem of restarting the cBot after restart or shutdown.


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