auto start

completedcTrader Automate

dgedenfield since: 30 May 2018;

  27 Apr 2019, 04:16
auto start

allow starting of robots via code

anonymous_56331748 since: 06 Sep 2014;

  07 Sep 2014, 00:42

When the platform is closed and restarted, automatically start all of the cBots that were running previously

cbellew since: 24 Apr 2014;

  09 Sep 2014, 11:23

Yes, yes. And Yes.

hiero_56426799 since: 08 Sep 2014;

  04 Jan 2015, 01:22

Yes, maybe some simple script language which could also create bots instances, set parameters and run - sometimes there is a need to move to another machine and all bots instances with all parameters needs to be created from the very beginning.

jhtrader's avatar

jhtrader since: 15 Oct 2013;

  28 Apr 2015, 14:57

This feature would be great!!!

aharonzbaida's avatar

aharonzbaida since: 01 Jan 2015;

  29 Aug 2015, 19:39

Is anything new regarding this request? Robots should return to on/off state that was prior to cAlgo restart event.

greybox since: 23 Feb 2016;

  13 May 2016, 23:39

Important feature as cTrader requires restart frequently and it cannot be automated without auto-start of cBots. Please include asap.