Add the Visual Mode to the Backtester

Created at 16 Jan 2014, 07:42


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Add the Visual Mode to the Backtester
16 Jan 2014, 07:42

Please consider add the Visual Mode to the Backtester.

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06 Oct 2014, 14:25

This is really indispensable feature!
For the future it would be great to add some last candle/tick (and indicators) snapshot data in some window/area.
And, please, don't forget about speed of tick enumeration and [Space] button for pause :)


16 Apr 2015, 08:34

Visual mode with a speed control and break to visual studio.
Accurate delays with decision making that takes up cpu time would make this tool perfect.


22 Apr 2015, 09:39


Some strategies can only be optimized using a visual back testing feature enabling us to visually check the trade while it is being done and adjust or modify our cBots or settings where necessary.


02 May 2015, 06:22

Yes, this is required! I simply cannot migrate from MT4 to cAlgo without this feature.

My current MT4 EA draws many repainting indicators to the screen as it is running (think S/R lines and trends) so it is necessary for me to see what is going on as the algo runs. A speed control for this feature would also be required.


09 Aug 2015, 09:41

Guys, you have a great platform but for me to migrate from my existing setup and to do any serious backtesting this feature is a must. Can you provide some estimates as to when this feature will be released ?


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25 Aug 2015, 22:35

This is something that has to be added as soon as passable I am tired of using MT4 for back testing!!!!


18 Oct 2015, 22:04

this is critical.


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09 Jan 2016, 08:22



12 Jan 2016, 11:40



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23 Feb 2016, 12:25

This is a great platform. It has evolved during its lifetime to a great degree. But it is lacking a visual mode as described. I surely hope that all this time it is taking to appear, is the actual time needed to produce an efficient and innovative visual mode for backtesting to suit the high standards of the rest of the platform. keep up the good work.


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21 Apr 2016, 09:58

I can not understand why certain topics are unhandled without any comment

it would be nice to see topic by topic if

1. it has been read at all by the developers
2. it has been rejected
3. it is in queue and which position out of total requests
4. it is in development
5. it is in beta version


22 Apr 2016, 10:09

I'm waiting very longtime for this feature which is absolutely nescessary when developing EA's. I can't switch over to this platform when this is not available


03 May 2016, 09:50

I see it's on top of the list, but ...... ??????


23 May 2016, 12:18

This is critical.


25 May 2016, 06:35


It would be good to see an overhaul / update to the backtester including commands to hide show and redraw charts where needed.


07 Jun 2016, 13:36

Please implement this feature, It's really necessary to improve bots and also try strategies manually


12 Jun 2016, 06:13

I have to agree with everyone else, this is essential, and lacking it almost makes cAlgo useless. How can you possibly code a bot with any sort of complexity without it.


12 Jun 2016, 16:21

Without this functionality, I cannot really see this as being a viable alternative to MT4...sorry :-(


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06 Sep 2016, 18:48

Hello, I really love cTrader. Currently, I use it only occasionally, to set orders due to ECN function. I do most of my charting on TradingView. But, I really miss the visual backtesting. Please, please, please include it in the cAlgo platform. You will receive lots of love for that :-)

Thank you!



05 Oct 2016, 23:46

This is feather requested have the most votes for more than 2 years why haven't you do nothing about it yet?


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20 Oct 2016, 09:49

I share the same oppinion; for developing strategies it's a "must" to have this feature; I can't switch to this platform as long as this is not implemented


26 Nov 2016, 02:10

Add the Visual Mode to the Backtester! It is very important for complex trading systems! When the market is closed, I can not test the system and the development stops.


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29 Nov 2016, 16:49

Hope you managed to get around this.. My apologies

26 Jan 2017, 03:50

2017 arrived and it seems this project is simply abandoned

29 Jan 2017, 22:02

Besides not being able to backtest offline with my own Training Data for me this is the second largest setback in cAlgo!
Spotware please update the community on this issues status!


11 Feb 2017, 09:14

Strongly agree.

- Visual Mode is essential to see whether strategies are working properly. I do develop programs first on a platform which has Visual Mode, in short MT4. Lack of Visual Mode is the biggest barrier to switch to cTrader.
- Also agree about the need of offline back testing. I think 50% of my back testing is done at a environment where I do not connect to internet, such as on a plane/train etc. This is not critical, but important.


03 Mar 2017, 20:08



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07 Jun 2017, 14:10

Add the Visual Mode to the Backtester, Ple-e-e-e-ease....


28 Jun 2017, 11:01

Ok Im an idiot please ignore my comment below April 18, 2017 12:49 PM - Yes Add this functionality so that we can draw on to the chart in when backtesting.....


23 Aug 2017, 20:38

Still nothing after so many votes ???? This is really depressing !


08 Sep 2017, 16:40

3 new votes, but I think they are useless watching the comments.


03 Jan 2018, 11:52

Please, visualize