Market Calendar API

Created at 22 Dec 2013, 19:32


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Market Calendar API
22 Dec 2013, 19:32

calendar from where we can get importance or eventually some other data like

under review cTrader Automate

05 Nov 2014, 13:32

Did you try the custom indicator someone made called DailyFxNews?
It can be set to show only news relevant to the pair you are on, or all news, but doesnt show the actual numeric result of the event.

can be downloaded at: /algos/indicators/show/431

29 Jul 2017, 01:26

I'm not really interested in the forecast, but a holiday calendar would be great. Bots have no idea when the market is closing, and would be good to code in to start closing up positions a couple of days before a holiday starts.

02 May 2020, 09:05

Until Spotware adds this feature we offer an economic calendar with an API to talk with your cBots already.