Linking Orders on the same pair


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  27 Apr 2019, 04:12
Linking Orders on the same pair

So i´ve given Feedback through cTrader,
I got a response say "Interesting idea, post in on the website"

So here it goes, Copy Paste from previous message

Allow Linking orders,
IF you have a buy/sell order on a same pair,

If for example Buy order triggers, the sell order cancels out
Hence "Linking Orders"

Because, sometimes you have 2 cruical breaking points.. for bearish and bullish.. if the first order that triggers is bullish, my perception is that its going Bull.. but may bounce down to bearish .. thats why i would like to cancel my Bearish order if Bull order hit(automatically), or vice versa.

You can use this to place Retrace orders on both sides
Without worrying.

Break out levels on both sides, cancelling out the order when the one Triggers.


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  27 Nov 2013, 11:20

Also good for adding to a positions

Lets say you have a position on a Volatile pair, EUR/JPY

The pair trades at 138.50 and thats your short, you put orders to sell
138.50, 138.60, 138.70 with SL 139.00

Now, lets say your TP is 138.10

What can happen is, your first order hits TP, retraces for bullish
And picks up your remaining to order and moves them in P/L Negative:(

But with linking, you can cancell the remaining orders when TP is hit.

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  13 Dec 2013, 14:19

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