Option to Link chart windows to each other


ctdn_voter since: 14 Jun 2019;

  27 Apr 2019, 04:12
Option to Link chart windows to each other

It would be great to have the possibility to link open chart windows to each other. Let's say I am frequently looking into the daily, 4H and 30m chart and have these 3 charts open. If I could link them to each other I could change the pair in one of the charts and have the other two charts change automatically to use the same pair.

endre_43708245 since: 26 Nov 2013;

  26 Nov 2013, 21:22

It’s a nice idea.
Since I am only a beginner user of cTrader I’m not sure whether this is possible by creating Workspaces. But as far as I now Workspaces do not exist in the desktop application.
But even it would be possible, this is a nice idea.
However, there’s a chance that I could find another idea which would be much more useful.

anonymous_53238584 since: 03 Jul 2014;

  23 Jul 2014, 10:10

This would be a excellent option. Additionally, if within the linked charts you held the mouse pointer over any 4H candle, the same 4 hour period would be very slightly shaded in grey on the lower time frame/s (1H, 30M, 15M or 5M etc) chart. This allows for investigating price movements over multiple time frames all at the same moment. Would work up and down all time frames. This is already an active function in ProRealTime charts.

ssbalugo since: 17 Sep 2014;

  11 Oct 2014, 06:00

i like this idea, it saves time.

nick_62324204 since: 27 Dec 2014;

  27 Dec 2014, 03:23

Please Spotware!!! Having to change the symbol manually for every different time frame is extremely frustrating!

tradernikki since: 05 Sep 2018;

  03 Feb 2015, 14:15

This is excellent. would also be nice to be able to have the options of drawings appear across charts

mgalona74 since: 12 Sep 2015;

  13 Sep 2015, 14:07

I agree with this idea.

reggytrades since: 29 Nov 2012;

  17 Sep 2015, 17:47

If i spend hour or more doing pitchforks on the daily, hourly charts, then I want them auto-copied on other time frames. SierraCharts does this, and really is a time saver. Really miss it a whole lot. Also most of the work has built in alerts.

anonymous_139994103 since: 24 Jan 2016;

  24 Jan 2016, 19:07

If the option to have chart drawings automatically copied over linked charts existed (as it does in most charting packages) I would be using ctrader. Simply can't do without this feature.

chanchai_p since: 21 Nov 2016;

  11 Nov 2016, 04:55

Additionally, refer to Anonymous commented · July 23, 2014 17:10 too.