need to change the features in last updation


10 Jul 2019, 14:51need to change the features in last updation#1
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Since last Updation on ctrader

1)  Advanced protection stopped working. When I set the advance protection then it works fine but when I refresh or sometime when I come back after few minute or hours it resets automatically as it was before. It is not working at all.

2) Candle date should show as per candle change from day to day or 4 hour to 4 hour. However it is not showing as it was before. it is showing evn hours on 4 hour candle when I take my verticle line from left to right or right to left and on daily when I take my verticle line from left to right it does not show the week end as if week ends at 5th of july n next candle should show 9th as starting of next week but it goes like 5th and then 7th,8th n 9th on next candle , it creates confusion.

3) It becomes slow sometime n some time my workspace stop showing all my work. I have to logout and log in again to see it.. 

4) After last updation I am not able to see any history data on monthly time frame. I can see it on weekly, daily etc but not on monthly at all even if I zoom in or zoom out. I have complained about it but no solution I got.

I hope these all suggestion would help you make your ctrader more valuable and as you guys are hardworking and innovative,  made such a wonderful software for traders like me. I apppreciate your work and request you please make few changes and it is all good to go.