Real Time Market Data Feed

shane.mcleod since: 17 Jul 2019; 
 17 Jul 2019, 14:14
Real Time Market Data Feed

It would be good to get a real time market data feed of fundamental data announcements (i.e. interest rate changes, BREXIT announcements, trade war topics etc) so that this information is available in a timely manner.

Appreciate that there may be an additional cost - and a gold, silver, bronze service offering - however, if would be good to get the option of getting this from the cTrader application ....

PS I am bias towards FX related market date :-)

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Panagiotis Charalampous since: 13 Jan 2017; 
 17 Jul 2019, 16:45

Hi shane.mcleod,

Thanks for posting in our forum and for sharing your suggestion. An economic calendar is already available in cTrader Web and cTrader Mobile. 

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Head of Community Management at cTrader