Add the ability to dump cTrader Web prices into a CSV file, like MT4

aerich48 since: 10 Jan 2018; 
 18 Jul 2019, 08:50
Add the ability to dump cTrader Web prices into a CSV file, like MT4

I would like to see the ability to dump out candle prices (TIME, OPEN, HIGH, LOW, CLOSE) from any cTrasder Web chart into a CSV file.

This feature only exists in MT4, but would be of great help to those experimenting with the FIX API. The raw candle data could be used for external analysis, or testing a new indicator.

I use the FIX API with a custom indicator, but the only way to get the candle bars (180 bars) was to dump these from MT4, and MT4 candles are usually NOT the same prices as those in cTrader.

Hoping you will look seriously at this idea for cTrader Web.


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Panagiotis Charalampous since: 13 Jan 2017; 
 18 Jul 2019, 09:15

Hi aerich48,

You can easily do this with a custom cBot in cTrader Desktop.

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Head of Community Management at cTrader
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ClickAlgo  since: 05 Feb 2015; 
 18 Jul 2019, 11:20

Hi aerich48,

Try this plugin, it's free and easy to use. If you need help implementing it just give get in touch with us.

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