Alert for Indicators

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Burak Birer since: 11 Mar 2015; 
 18 Jul 2019, 12:23
Alert for Indicators

No trader wants to get alerts all the time so a simple alert tool for indicators could be useful. 

Lets say a trader doesn't want to get alerted every time an ma cross or macd cross or rsi ob/os happens. So it's not meaningfull to have an indicator alerting for everything. 

Here is an example situation;

Basically trader enters an alert for when RSI (Candle 2) is lower than 70 and RSI (Candle 1) is higher than 70 or vice versa. 

Candle 0: Current candle
Candle 1: Closed candle
Candle 2: Previous candle
Candle 3 etc.

This way traders can have alerts whenever they want one.