Allow strategy providers the right to prohibit access to open positions and history

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31 Jul 2019, 14:40Allow strategy providers the right to prohibit access to open positions and history#1
ancdriver239posts: 10since: 29 Jul 2019

I would like to offer a suggestion to add a feature to cTrader Copy.

I suggest (and strongly recommend) offering the strategy providor the ability to 'turn off' or 'prohibit' access to all open positions data and all history data of specific positions opened and closed (and the prices and times) to copy investors, whilst leaving all the other data available (or at minimum, only allowing the assets in the history section but not the open and close prices and times).

Please consider that not all strategy providors want investors to know what specific positions they are trading or have traded, and more to the point, what criteria they are using to open and close those positions. By allowing copy traders to see what specific positions are being opened, at what price level(s) and at what times, and then at what price level(s) and times they are being closed opens up the ability for the copy traders to steal the strategy from the providor. 

Whilst I understand that many strategy providors do not seem to care that others can see the specific positions they are opening and closing and the specific details thereof, there are many traders who care a great deal about this.


Please note that all the other information that cTrader Copy provides to investors such as ROI, Equity, Summary, Performance, Performance stats, volume breakdown, etc is all fine - it is just the publication of specific positions and opening and closing prices and times of those positions that hurts those traders who wish to protect their intellectual property, i.e. their trading strategy.


I believe more traders will come to cTrader Copy if they were to add this feature.


I would like for other strategy providors who agree with me to please add a comment below in favour of my suggestion.


Thank you

07 Aug 2019, 04:42#2
ancdriver239posts: 10since: 29 Jul 2019

I will add to this that recently I was watching a video by Anton Kreil (a trader) who was talking about Algo's and how now there are programs which can predict what algo's are going to do. At first I thought this was sheer nonsense, however, now that I have spent some time looking at the whole social/copy trading arena, I now see why this is possible. By showing a traders open and closed positions and the time and price of entry and exit, every strategy is available for the whole world to see not to mention computers.

Maybe this is the intention of all those who design copy/social trading platforms/sites etc.