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05 Aug 2019, 15:59News alert- Idea suitable for manual scalping activity#1
ivano.negrelloposts: 1since: 05 Aug 2019

I would like to suggest some improvement in management of alerts.

Current product version supplies support for price alerts, which is a gret features addressed to any category of users.

However, looking at alerts fom a scalping perspective, it would be nice to have one more kind of alert added, that is  an alert that can be fired by platform based on a custom calendar.

Ideally the user should be enabled to manage alerts for a specific currency pair based on the scheduled time of a specific event.

Looking at a financial calendar (let's take the one that I'm using in INVESTING, well known to the community), we know that a specified point in time some event should occur, at we would like to have a PROCTIVE reminder sent by platform based on a sc heduled event that we entered in alarms setup window.

We should be able to enter following information:

Currency pair, target time of event, importance of event (HIGH /LOW at least, medium is optional), watchpoint requested (toggle  between YES/NO), watchpoint anticipated interval (minutes), free text comment to recordremarks and strategies..

When target time approaches, the platform should send an alarm let's say 5 minutes before the event. But if the watchpoint request toggle was set, a preliminary alarm should also be sent let's say 20 minutes before the main event, in order the user to have enough time for any market deeper evaluation.

The user would then be responsible to set the alarms/calendar for the target currency pairs (we consider that due to known relationships among currency pairs, the user could set a single alarm on the main currency pair, also deserving as alarm on the correlated other currencies).

If you need more details, I can supply a detailed functional specification of this.


Best regards

05 Aug 2019, 16:16#2
Paul Hayesposts: 433since: 05 Feb 2015

Hi, Ivano,

We have a basic product that will send email alerts and also have one in development that will do what you are asking, it should be available in a month or two.


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