Implement macros

cuan since: 26 Jun 2019; 
 27 Aug 2019, 19:51
Implement macros


I think it would be useful to have one-click macros available. For instance, to click on one button to open predefined positions on predefined instruments.

For example:

Clicking on a particular macro (or hotkey) might perform the following functions:

  1. Open; market; buy; 1.0 [lots]; XAU/USD
  2. Open; market; buy; 1.0 [lots]; XAU/EUR

Another could be set (particularly for netted accounts - with hedged accounts it would open hedge positions)

  1. Open; market; sell; 0.5 [lots]; XAU/USD
  2. Open; market; sell; 0.5 [lots]; XAU/EUR

Those using hedged accounts might use a "close all" type of operator instead.

  1. Closeall; buy; XAU/USD
  2. Closeall; buy; XAU/EUR
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Panagiotis Charalampous since: 13 Jan 2017; 
 28 Aug 2019, 09:11

Hi cuan,

Why not use cBots for all these functions?

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