AutoChartist Sort and Filter

El Antonio since: 23 Jan 2019; 
 04 Sep 2019, 08:56
AutoChartist Sort and Filter

Autochartist is a bit unworkable. You have to scan lots of data to see if the needed symbol is there. And then you will have to check all 3 catagories seperately.


Make All Autochartist columns sortable and filterable on at least the Symbol / Currency (like CAD showing CADJPY, EURCAD, CADCHF,.....).
Also make it possible to look at  Chartpatterns, fibo levels and keylevels of a symbol at the same time (on/of selector)
Filter CAD, sort on Quality

Showing all pairs that contain CAD sorted by the signal Quality for all categories

if the silly rules make me miss my goals I change the rules not the goals
A.R.  since: 14 Oct 2018; 
 04 Sep 2019, 13:30
RE: AutoChartist Sort and Filter

And make the signals available to cAlgo automate!!!