Add a Type tag (Forex, Index, Stocks, etc) to Symbols

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06 Sep 2019, 20:29Add a Type tag (Forex, Index, Stocks, etc) to Symbols#1
Xavier Rposts: 94since: 12 May 2015

Currently, when you use the Symbols property there's no way to tell if the Symbol is Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Crypto, etc.

So I have applied a filter implementation myself for these (example, the symbol has 6 letters only, or contains EUR, NZD, etc), however, these kinds of filters may fail if the broker changes formats, or add new symbols, or may not work with all brokers, so keeping track of this is a bit awful.

My suggestion is adding an enum type (FX, Index, Stocks, Metals, Crypto, etc) to the symbols so they can be queried properly even if the broker decides to change the format or add a new symbol name in the future.

Thanks for your work.

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Xavier R.

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