Improvement graphics power and simultaneous graphics

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cadulazarini.eng since: 15 May 2019; 
 02 Oct 2019, 16:26
Improvement graphics power and simultaneous graphics

Ctrader is a great platform, but as suggested, if including these features and enhancements I consider it will be the best trading platform in the world:

  • Graphic power

The chart in m1 very limited, it is not possible to see the large price history, it is currently possible to view 1 day of the price history in m1.
Improvement: View 10 days of price history on the chart in m1.

History in M1, W1, and D1 limited, you cannot view history in these timeframes.
Improvement: Demonstrate price history since currency creation.

  • Simultaneous Charts

LInkar graphs of the same pair, so that all lines and studies appear simultaneously in the graphs. I use 3 graphs of the same pair in different timeframes, m1, m5 and h1, so I would like the studies and lines made in 1 of the graphs to appear simultaneously in the other two.