Risk-Reward Projection Tool

ejmalabar88 since: 13 Jan 2018; 
 04 Oct 2019, 04:08
Risk-Reward Projection Tool

Hi Developers,

This might not be a new idea on the forum. I have seen one forum where a trader suggested a Risk-Reward Tool which is attached to an order.

However, I think it would be very good if you could also include a tool to plot and measure potential risk rewards on the chart without it being a part of an order. This is what we do as traders. Analyze first if the risk reward is worth it then place the orders if our rules have been met.

The same way you have Fibonacci rulers, it would be great if we have Risk-Reward tools or rulers. Right now we just manually plot boxes and measure the number of pips, then use a calculator or excel, or we place the numbers on the order tab without actually placing the order.

Hope this would be developed soon.