Horizontal Line Snaps to Candle (High, Low, Open or Close)


04 Oct 2019, 04:11Horizontal Line Snaps to Candle (High, Low, Open or Close)#1
ejmalabar88posts: 2since: 13 Jan 2018

Hi Developers,


One of the ways some traders plot horizontal supports and resistances is by using the high or low of a swing high or swing low. It would be great if we have the option to snap horizontal lines to a candle high or low to make things faster. As of now I'm currently manually encoding the figures on the Horizontal Line window.

I'm sorry if this was already a feature that I did not know about.


06 Oct 2019, 14:14#2
jcr1818@gmail.composts: 12since: 22 Nov 2017

Hello sir.

I need it too:) - I have just posted a new thread to.