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Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Hi Tj11,

I am not sure what is the problem here. cTrader dsipays based on UTC +/- and not based on a specific timezone, in constrast to MT4 where the timezone is set by the broker. The dates in cTrader are consistent based on UTC time since UTC time doesn't shift anywhere. In MT4 they are dispayed in one timezone before the 4th of November and in another after. If you want your strategy to wotk on a specific timezone, you can always use TimeZones  to set the timezone.

Also this comment is not very clear to me

I hope CTrader charting capabilities will at least catch up with MT4

What do you think is better in MT4 charting than in cTrader?

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Here are the things that, I think, CTrader charting is missing :

1. Basics (must have):

a. Access to adjust price1 and price2 of trendlines, rectangles.

b. Filled rectangles hide candles and buy/sell buttons behind.

c. Switching Y axis autoscale on/off in chart settings.

d. X axis autoscroll on/off from chart settings when changing time frames.

2. Good to have :

a. Allow switching off quick buttons attached to every chart to free up horizontal space (screenshot 2a below).

b. Allow adding/removing used/unused buttons for chart objects panel (screenshot 2b below).

c. Allow hiding elements on the top of application (screenshot 2c).

d. Allow hiding elements on the left (screenshot 2d).