Optimazation Settings Save

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A.R.  since: 14 Oct 2018; 
 02 Nov 2019, 16:29
Optimazation Settings Save

I sometimes have to optimize al lot of symbols for different bots.
I then constantly have to set :

- StartDate
- Enddate

- Start capital
- Commission
- Data 

- the Timeframes and all the other Bot Params

- the optimization criteria settings (own fitness routine)

- the GA

- The resources taken by the optimization

Please add a button 'SET as STANDARD'

That'll save me a lot of typing.

El Antonio since: 23 Jan 2019; 
 04 Nov 2019, 12:27
RE: Optimization settings

And keep the results sort position when switching between optimization results; and when you ar at it enable a set-default for sort,columns,position too.
And add a Params column (params in order of paraminput screen separated by space or ;)

if the silly rules make me miss my goals I change the rules not the goals