ADX like in MT5

19f89a since: 02 Dec 2019; 
 03 Dec 2019, 10:50
ADX like in MT5

Hello, everybody. I'm trying to move from Metatrader platform to cTrader. The broker I chose to get familiar with it is ICmarkets. The whole idea to make all of my trades in cTrader is dependent on possibility to use the same indicators which I used on Metatrader platform. One of them is ADX.

As far as I understand, the Directional movement system (DMS) available in cTrader uses Wilder's smoothing. In MT5 there are 2 ADX indicator. One of them has "Wilder" in its name and its values almost perfectly coincide with the Directional Movement System from cTrader.

The problem is that all my trades and backtest results for my strategy are based on the other, "standard" ADX (without Wilder's smoothing). Actually, I'm pretty amazed how such a famous indicator like ADX (in both versions, if needed) is not included in cTrader "by default", but my main concern right now is get this indicator with the same values like in MT5.

Jiri Beloch, in this post tried to modify the available DMS into needed ADX, but his solution didn't give necessary result.

My suggestion is to add this long awaited indicator into cTrader, or at least, help me figure out how successfully modify DMS into ADX.

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Panagiotis Charalampous since: 13 Jan 2017; 
 03 Dec 2019, 14:52

Hi 19f89a,

The "standard" implementation of ADX is the one that uses Wilder Smoothing since it was conceived by Welles Wilder. Our implementation is in line with the industry standard. You can check other trading platforms beyond MT5 to confirm this. Besides that, if you know which formula is used by MT5 for the non-Wilder ADX, I would be happy to adjust Jiri's code accordingly.

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