advanced take profit dosn´t work

tnt_22 since: 03 Dec 2019; 
 03 Dec 2019, 15:55
advanced take profit dosn´t work


i tried to use the advanced take profit but i had a lot of time the problem that the take profit dosn´t work. 

the price hit the level where the TP was (and were a lot higher so the problem was not because of bid/ask spread), than the Advanced take profit line change color to grey and nothing happend... can somebody help me? did i something wrong? 

Plattform was working and online all the time i sat in front of the screen and i have seen it several times live (i used the browser version from c-trader). the thing is, sometime it works very well but i changed nothing in the settings or anything... very confusing. thank you for you help


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Panagiotis Charalampous since: 13 Jan 2017; 
 03 Dec 2019, 16:04

Hi tnt_22,

Please use the correct sections to report bugs. The Suggestions section is only for suggestions. You can report cTrader Web bugs here. Can you please create a thread there and also post a screenshot illustrating what you have just described?

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Head of Community Management at cTrader