Mobile (iOS, Android) push notifications

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Luke  since: 25 Dec 2019; 
 28 Dec 2019, 09:59
Mobile (iOS, Android) push notifications


Would it be possible to extend API to be able to send push notifications right into mobile device running cTrader Mobile on iOS or Android?

I strongly believe that cTrader is way much better platform than MT4/MT5. Push notification is one of the functionality that works really well on that platform.

Please consider :)

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ClickAlgo  since: 05 Feb 2015; 
 28 Dec 2019, 13:41

Hi, Luke,

This is already possible using the API and the .NET framework to send instant notifications to a mobile device.

  • Email
  • Telegram
  • SMS
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

I would be interested in your comments on other methods of notifications or if I misunderstood your question.


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Luke  since: 25 Dec 2019; 
 29 Dec 2019, 10:45


Thanks for the reply. What I had in mind was pure push notification from cTrader Desktop to cTrader Mobile application.

The push notification would be accessible to program exactly like e-mail notification or other you mentioned.

Tommy2019 since: 14 Dec 2019; 
 04 Jan 2020, 14:50

I really need it. I hope it can be launched as soon as possible.