Bring Heikin Ashi Back to Mobile

cTrader Mobile

aerich48 since: 10 Jan 2018;

  01 Aug 2020, 02:47
Bring Heikin Ashi Back to Mobile

Please bring back Heikin Ashi Candles to cTrader Mobile,

for these reasons:

1. Many people have asked for it, continuously

2. Keeps compatibility with cTrader Web, which has Heikin Ashi candles anyway

3. Is a vital indicator of trends, since it filters out market noise with very small lag, sometimes only 1 bar.

4. It is a VERY simple calculation (see ChartSchool for the standard algorithm which uses max/min to calculate the Heikin Ashi highs and lows).

5. It is used by serious algorithmic traders, and manual traders, to visually time profitable trade entry and exit.

6. It can be used as the source for another indicator, such as MACD, thus smoothing MACD even further with minimum lag.

7. There is plenty of room on the "bar type" dialog in the cTrader Mobile chart settings for this type.

8. Most major platforms show Heikin Ashi, period.

My question is: Why would you NOT include Heikin Ashi Candles? What real reason would there be to NOT use this highly valuable "bar" type?  It is an essential tool.