Tradingview Integration or Charting


gmensah since: 17 Sep 2018;

  26 Aug 2020, 11:44
Tradingview Integration or Charting

Would be nice to be able to use tradingview charts within ctrader to view / modify positions straight from tradingview charts. A lot of crypto exchanges have integrated a simplified version of tradingview to use as the charting package. I suspect it would not be to difficult for ctrader to to the same. This would remove the need to jump from one to the other all the time.


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TradingLink since: 29 Apr 2021;

  29 Apr 2021, 17:32
TradingLink - Automated TradingView Alerts Execution


With service you can automated execution of TradingView alerts in cTrader.

How It Works

  • Setup TradingView's webhook feature - see our Setup page. Syntax page will get you going on how to write an alert message.
  • Our servers use TradingLink ID contained in every alert message to deliver it to your trading terminal.
  • With the TradingLink software running, cTrader instantly executes trade requested via alert message.

If you have any questions or requests please don't hesitate to contact us here or at

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Automated execution of TradingView alerts -
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MadMike since: 09 Aug 2018;

  30 Apr 2021, 22:57

Take a look at this tool.

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