Better Search Function


bsicm0001 since: 19 Mar 2020;

  17 Sep 2020, 16:54
Better Search Function

Please consider creating a search function for Indicators,  cBots, and

For instance if I were to look for a multi-time frame (MTF) indicator,
only a list of indicators with the search term appears.

At present a whole dump list of Google searches
appear under the general search function.

tomhunter197023 since: 27 Oct 2020;

  27 Oct 2020, 09:07
Search Function

This has probably happened to you several times, if you think about it. Even some of the best sites on the Internet deliver completely inadequate, confusing, or downright… well… ugly  search results to their users. Who wants to wade through six pages of results just to find one specific page or product? Upsers