Move the x axis below indicator Window

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afhacker since: 15 Oct 2015;

  24 Oct 2020, 15:02
Move the x axis below indicator Window

This is a suggestion for changing the order around cTrader charts, the chart x axis right now is above indicators window:

Please move at the bottom of all indicators window with bars count down.

And another problem is we can't change an indicator window size to fill the whole chart area, this is the most we can:

We should be able to fill the whole chart space with an indicator window, the limitation must be removed, and the quick trade buttons must come on top of everything that is fill the chart area (chart itself or any indicator window).

This will allow developers to develop indicators that will replace the built-in chart.

There are lots of limitations on cTrader that doesn't make any sense, or you can add an option or way to hide the main chart altogether and only left the indicator windows like TradingView eye button for indicator windows that show/hide an indicator.