Scroll horizontally all charts "linked"


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  19 Nov 2020, 12:24
Scroll horizontally all charts "linked"

When you study/analyze your charts, for a setup, an historical trade or checking results from a cbot you often need multiple timeframe charts on a symbol.

and when you scroll history (horizontally) you spent your  time to scroll chart 1 (TF daily), next chart 2 (TF 4h) next chart (TF 15mn) to adjust all charts on the same "time"...and so on and it is unbearable and waste of time...

it would be MAGIC and very precious to have possibility to link the scroll of a chart with all others charts 'linked" by the same code...¨ProRealTime do that and it is very precious...

I am waiting for it since years now on ctrader, please DO IT ! ;)