My Equity Gone


Ikares92 since: 15 Aug 2020;

  08 Jan 2021, 11:48
My Equity Gone

Good day,

I copy a strategy provider named Top 1 Strategy and he went bust today, removed his strategy, and hid away.

I have set the equity stop loss at 50% and received the email that my stop loss has been triggered. But when I log in on the desktop, all the money has gone completely to the negative value.

I understand in case the underlying asset move to fast I can loss more than the preset value, and on my email show 63.31%, but when I try to withdraw the remaining, all of them has gone. 
Should I provide all screenshots or suck my thumb and move on?

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PanagiotisCharalampous since: 13 Jan 2017;

  08 Jan 2021, 12:06

Hi Ikares92,

It seems to be an execution issue so I would advise you to contact your broker regarding this matter.

Best Regards,


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