Default % Risk Option

Created at 09 Feb 2021, 09:07


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Default % Risk Option
09 Feb 2021, 09:07

Inside Settings > QuickTrade > Order Type Settings ......

Allow us to set a default risk % so that as we drag the stop loss on orders, the lot size recalculates in real time. It would be an awesome addition for manual trading shorter timeframes.


28 Feb 2021, 22:39

YES YES YES !!,.. same thing goes for whenever you use the Stop Loss and TP sliders and then try to amend the % Balance risk, it simply moves the Stop Loss further away or closer but keeps the lot size the same. This is counter intuitive to how traders utilise this function. Ideally we want to set our  Stop to a place on the chart whereby we think our trade is invalidate if price reaches it,... we also want to define a certain risk profile to that distance between the Stop/Entry normally in % or Fixed Amount,... therefore the system moving the SL for order entry doesnt make sense.

Please Please Please incorporate this feature,... i have seen numerous requests for this to be implemented on the platform for years, either via an additional Risk/Reward tool similar to TradingView, but the addition requested here would surely be easier to implement.



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03 Mar 2021, 11:18

Great idea, love it!