Suggestion for copier risk and symbols.


danilocapp since: 25 Sep 2020;

  17 Feb 2021, 11:24
Suggestion for copier risk and symbols.

Hi ... I wanted to suggest to the Ctrader  developers 2 simple changes that could give a noticeable improvement to the already excellent platform, since the platform is multibroker and there can be differences in leverage and symbols between the accounts.
1) give to the copier the possibility to use a risk multiplier so that he can replicate strategies on accounts that have higher leverage simply by exposing himself to the market with a lower risk than the provider.
2) To give the possibility, as all copy software do, to map the possibly different symbols that you intend to replicate from the provider strategy.
I hope that these features will be implemented which would lead to an improvement in the usability of the platform.