Customize Individual Fibonacci Levels


ftmo1613208989 since: 27 Feb 2021;

  27 Feb 2021, 16:16
Customize Individual Fibonacci Levels

Adding the fibonacci retracement drawing tools was a great step, but this is unusable for traders employing a fibonacci strategy if we cannot edit the look of each individual level. When multiple fib drawings are added to a chart, they become clustered and the levels become undistinguishable from each other and this makes it impossible to use. For that reason, this feature is found on almost all other major charting platforms.  Please add the ability to customize each individual retracement level in the fib tool with different line types, colors, and the ability to move the prices and level names to the left instead of the right of the ray because they also become clustered. 

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For3xScalper since: 15 May 2020;

  11 Apr 2021, 21:59
Please do this change ASAP

A very much needed change in fib tool.