Order Execution


iamlukhanyomichaelzweni since: 28 Feb 2021;

  28 Feb 2021, 09:29
Order Execution

Good day.....I would Like To Suggest An Improvement That I Think Every Trader Will Definitely Love...ctrader is an amazing platform and I think Will Dominate The Financial Markets, It Would Be Nice If You Could Put On An Option Were You Can Enter Multiple Orders in One Click......For Example Instead Of A Trader Putting 100 Lots Have An Option Were I Can Put 1 Standard Lot x100 in One Click...This Kind Of Execution Would Also Help Traders That Use 10s Of Thousands Of Standard LotsTo Execute Easier and faster.....I Think Every Trader Can Relate And We Love Having Orders Executed This Way.........Thank You Hoping To Hear From Soon.