Bar counting indicator


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  25 Apr 2021, 18:06
Bar counting indicator

Hello guys

I was searching on this forum for a indicator that counts bars but found nothing so far

I belive that a bar counter tool can give you many advantages and a couple more reasons to enter in a trade

Can you help me please with a bar counting indicator for the SP500 market? It needs to count the bars from 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and so on... starting from the open

The indicator needs to be adjusted to work in different time zones so that everyone can use it

The text displayed to be small and not scaleable in case you zoom out to much and needs to be placed bellow bars low with a reasonable distance. Grey color would be good for both light and dark backgrouds

I attach a picture here with a indicator used on another platform by a friend

I live in Romania right now, the SP500 (globex) market opens at 01:00 am and closes at 23:55 pm (timezone UTC+3)

if you can make it work for another markets like forex, would be great for another traders... I do not know to code

many thanks! cheers! :)