Add Asset Type (Forex,Index,Crypto,Metals) as a property for all symbols

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  28 Apr 2021, 21:39
Add Asset Type (Forex,Index,Crypto,Metals) as a property for all symbols


I'd like to suggest adding a property so that symbols can be identified per market.

Many users like to select to trade on specific symbols only by sector, but with each broker having sometimes different symbols and sometimes different assets this is a problem.

I can use the Symbols method, but it retrieves everything.

If I do a Regex for example to have 6 letters and all uppercase it retrieves more pairs than forex, I.e. 

If I filter by all Base/Quote substrings I could get all of Forex but still, it is bothersome and prone to errors.

Please add this property, so symbols can be queried per sector:
- Forex
- Crypto
- Index
- Stocks
- Metals
- Energy

Thanks for your support

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