Risk Reward tool 2021 still not implemented


globalblack since: 15 Feb 2019;

  07 Jun 2021, 12:46
Risk Reward tool 2021 still not implemented

I fail to understand the cTrader team is working so hard on some features which are totally senseless or wouldnt be used by majority of traders YET they cant even implement the risk reward Tool which is a much needed tool and possibly forces alot of people to resort to trading view !!! This is one of the Top 5 essential tools for any good trader and i am in the opinion many use go to trading view for this tool as well.  People including me ..I sugggested this feature.. today half of 2021 is over still such a small and basic feature isn't implemented !! Yet this feature existed on trading view way long back !! u have such a beautiful platform yet such a basic feature isnt implmented and we al know trading is about risk reward !! whatever trading method you use or indicator, support/resistance/ news etc etc u still need to be able to see the risk reward !! and you havent implement !!