1, 5, and 15 second charts


ctid4945876 since: 26 Mar 2022;

  13 Apr 2022, 01:04
1, 5, and 15 second charts

I do use the tick charts and they can function like second charts but things are a bit skewed when it is during times of lower volume. 

I still use TradingView for it’s ease of use and I would like to be able for cTrader to match the seconds time frames exactly to better time my entries. 

Since you are already providing tick data it seems like an easy add to give us the second charts. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

alesx457 since: 05 Jun 2021;

  11 May 2022, 03:02

tambem estou querendo grafico de 15 segundos, consigo filtrar entradas, ja que todo choch bos começa do grafico menor 

Para quem entra pelo grafico de 1 minuto, da para filtrar entradas pelo 15 segundos