Created at 23 Sep 2022, 11:46

Rui Lopes

Joined 01.07.2021

23 Sep 2022, 11:46

So ctrader allow us to detach the watchlist what is a excellent feature the problem is that if we are in the main screen with no detach watchlist and just one chart we can by one click only change the charts what is  what we expect but if we detach the watchist and then try to use it  by collapsing the menu to have a bigger screen and have the watchlist in another screen we need to click twice and every time we do this will open a new window chart. would be a game changer if we could like when the watchlist is attached to the main menu to click just one time in the detach watchlist and change just the main chart and not open a new one


29 Oct 2022, 07:07

You a going to mad when you herd exctly  Same question I have and my friend are also same question.