About stop limit orders


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  21 Nov 2022, 08:54
About stop limit orders

Hello dear,

Sorry I made a  mistake in previous thread.

Ctader is a good & fast platform, but there is a problem on stop limit order, I try to explain; 

At first the trader looks at a price in market, if the market reached it then if it  pulled  back to his considered  price, the order should  be  open, if  don't pulled  back to his considered price well it's means is that the  limit  order  should  not be  open at any price like the entry price because if he looks at the entry price he can open a limit order instead of a stop limit order, now it works almost like the Limit Orders and the Stop Limit Orders open at the entry price with any limit range (pips)!

Please add or change the considered  price instead of the limit  range in the stop  limit  orders like Metatrader 5 (please check it, this item is really helpful in Metatrader 5 and the order will be open exactly in trader's considered price instead of the limit range so traders could use this item as a helpful strategy)  or add both of them so that traders select one of them.

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  21 Nov 2022, 08:58

Hi there,

Stop limit orders in cTrader are implemented as per the market standard. It's MT4/5 that are the odd ones out here.

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